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The Website that was created just because I could...

The Mission

Should you choose to accept it... is to tell everyone about your toys and projects so that they might learn from your mistakes.

How do you spot an Engineer? (Movie 2.5 MB)

Garage News

Since this site is a small personal site, none of the major Networks have picked up on it yet.  Of course, they'll tell you about Britney posing nude for Harper's Bazaar, and Lockheed Martin has named the new F-35 JSF Joint Strike Fighter the "Lightening II".  Boy, is NBC going to be sorry that they weren't the first to report that I finally got the Stator off of the new engine for the bike !!  [ Source: Jeff's XS650 Pages Check the Latest News at Jeff's Garage.

Minnesota Flood Run 2006

Click for more Flood Run Pictures !!


Garage Projects

What good is a garage without projects?  As every Man knows, Projects are your justification to buy new tools.  And tools are what makes a garage.  I don't care if you just need to trim a piece of molding for the bathroom, or tighten a hose clamp on the car... you can't do it without a new (insert a new tool here).  So, to check out some of my current projects CLICK HERE.

        Updates on the Probe Project


Take a Tour of The Garage

Once in a while, I clean up The Garage.  When I do, I think to myself, "Probably won't see it look like this again!", so I take a picture.  To see what The Garage looked like at various stages of our life CLICK HERE.


About Jeff

If you've read this far, you know Jeff is no ordinary guy, either.  Anyone that can master puttering around and telling everyone his opinion, and earning a living at it, has to be either extremely intelligent, or extremely hen-pecked by a very intelligent girl (who also looks cute too).  Should you feel the need to know the inner workings of Jeff, CLICK HERE.


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