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The Website that was created just because I could...

Garage Projects

Don't ask why.  Think of it as Art.  But it pays less.  And costs more.


Jeff's Yamaha XS650 

Yes, the Greatest Epic Adventure since the Fiero project (sniff), the Yamathumper has earned a Website all of its own:   [ XS650 Main Page ]     [ XS650 Engine Page ]   [ XS650 on the Flood Run 2006 ]


Jeff's Probe 

It's amazing what you can find on the Internet !!  [ Click Here for More ]



Arctic Cat 

The Cat that was afraid of Snow.  [ Click Here ]


The Trailer 

A free trailer is a gift that keeps on giving.  Check out the fun Dale had when the rusted out frame finally broke in half on our trailer.  Hey, great excuse to buy a Welder !!  [ Click Here for More ]


Laura's Intrepid 

Laura spotted this deal at a friend's house... and now she has a new Grocery Getter !!  [ Click Here for More ]


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