Jeff Hunt

Title: Senior Engineer

Qualification: 2-Year Associate Degree / Bachelor Equivalent (NAFTA – Industrial Designer) / Ontario Mechanical Engineering Technician

Home Phone:   +1-705-867-1050

Mobile Phone:   +1-705-562-6954

Home E-Mail:

St. Charles, Ontario Canada                                     [ CLICK for MS Word Resume ]      [ CLICK for Caliper Test Profile ]

Canadian Citizen – Qualify for TN Visa for US


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Engineering Design Capabilities


–        Designed and Installed automated semiconductor fabrication tools utilizing flammable solvents, fire suppression, surfactants, lapping slurry and automated material handling.

–        Worked with 3rd Party reviewers to certify equipment to International GS, CE, SEMI, UL and NFPA requirements.

–        Created and Installed New Designs and Upgrades for production equipment system Automation/Integration. 

–        Designed and installed Automated Process Controls using Interlocks, Sensors, PC and PLC Monitoring, and Live Reporting.

–        Experienced in Heavy Industrial Design of Severe-Service (Mining and Marine) Mobile Equipment, Cranes and Hoists, including Manlift Platforms and Booms, Strength of Materials and weld design.

–        Mechanical Design of Machined Parts, Weldments, Sheet Metal and Assemblies, including Geometric Tolerancing, Weld Symbols, and Surface Finishes to National and International Standards.

–        Improved design Manufacturability, assembly self-jigging, parts standardization and serviceability.

–        Hydraulic and Pneumatic System Design and Control, including Low and High (5000 psi) Pressure Systems for Motion Control, Load Manipulation (Cranes, Lifts, Hoists), Process Management and Chemical Handling.

–        Life Safety, Fire Detection and Suppression and Emergency Stop System Design incorporating considerations from OSHA, WHMIS, and NIOSH requirements. 

–        Designed Systems for Fire Suppression, Braking, Steering and Roll-Over/Falling Object Protection, including Automatic 2-Wheel to 4-Wheel Steering control and automatic fail-safe driveline braking systems.

–        AutoCAD Advanced Drafting experience Release 12 thru 2004, plus some self-taught 3D exposure in Inventor and SolidWorks.



Project Management Achievements


–        Managed Engineering Groups and Production to complete projects on time and within budget.

–        Managed in-shop and on-site Service Technicians to perform Maintenance and Upgrades.

–        Experienced Manager for Customer Accounts, and successfully coordinated Customers, Sales and Marketing, Engineering Design, Fabrication, Production, Installation and Training efforts.

–        Produced Timelines and Budgets for Quoting, Production Planning, Just in Time (JIT) delivery and Implementation Planning.

–        Managed Production Plans using Bill of Material Cost Analysis, Critical Path Reporting, Just in Time Delivery, Long-Lead Part Analysis, Proposal Drawings, Facility Requirements, Health and Safety Reviews, and Reviews of Equipment by a Third Party.

–        Application Engineering, Coordinated Design Input, Engineering Design, Fabrication, Installation, Customer Change Requests, and Training involving Multinational Groups in North America, Europe and Asia.

–        Performed On-Site Training and System Optimization, and system qualification and evaluation in North America, Europe, Israel and Asia, in High-Tech (Semiconductor) and Industrial (Mining and Fabrication) settings.

–        Qualified SEMI tool evaluator per SEMI S7 Requirements, under the authority of a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL).



Quality Assurance Capabilities


–        Experienced in Precision Design Engineering, Production, A/P, A/R, Inventory, Sales and Purchasing in ISO9001 Certified Companies.

–        Performed as a Quality System Auditor for ISO9001 Companies.

–        Established New QA Procedures for a Start-Up Company, Managed Customer Reviews of QA Systems and 3rd Party Reviews.

–        Managed incoming Customer Feedback, Field Service Reports, Shop Change Orders, and Production Redlines.

–        Performed Supplier Site Visits and Qualification Reports, Incoming Inspections, and Vendor Nonconformances.

–        Experienced in Weld Inspection for Steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel, including Weld Blending, Painting, Passivation and other metal finishing.  Significant Experience with AWS, CWB and CSA Welding Requirements.

–        Designed Go/No-Go jigs, test procedures and 6-Sigma Design of Experiments (DOE) to measure Production Yield Improvements.



Advanced Technical, Medical and Computer Skills


–        Extensive experience in Technical Writing, (Standards, Operator, Maintenance and Engineering) to produce Printed and Interactive On-Line Documentation using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Front Page, Photo Editor, Visio and MS Project.

–        Significant International Experience in Sourcing, Purchasing and Shipping components and services, (Electronic and Discreet Components, Harnesses, PCBAs, Injection Molded Plastics, Painting and Finishing, Assembly Services and Contract Industrial and Mechanical Design).

–        Capable of advanced Setup and Operation of Windows 2000, XP and MSOffice.

–        Accomplished in Advanced Setup of Routers, Firewalls, NT Security, Virus Software, Automated VPN Backups, and Remote Access.

–        Significant experience in Film and Digital Photography, Photo Editing and Visual Presentations.

–        EH&S experience as a Former Emergency Medical Technician with ATLS, AED, Oxygen Administration, SCBA Breathing Apparatus, Extrication, High-Angle (Rope Rescue), HazMat and Confined Space Training and Industrial Hygiene Experience.

–        Emergency and Trauma Ward experience at The Mayo Clinic’s St. Mary’s Emergency and Trauma Center in Rochester, Minnesota.



Work History – Jeff Hunt



Marcotte Mining Machinery, Inc.     Sudbury, Ontario    1997-1998, June 2007 – Present (Current Employer)


–        Worked with vendor and end use customer engineering teams to develop new application specifications.

–        Project Managed new product development including Dry and Wet Shotcrete Systems, as well as a Scissor Rock Drill/Bolter/Screener.

–        Analyzed Material Strength, Hydraulic Cylinder Rod and Lug Strength, and sized hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders as well as Diesel and Electric motor Horsepower requirements.

–        Developed 12VDC, 24VDC, and Mobile Hydraulic Systems for Underground Mining Equipment, (Dump Trucks, Scoops, Crane Trucks, Manlift Booms, Lift Platforms and a Self-Contained Shotcrete Truck with a Fully-Articulated Boom and Nozzle).

–        Designed Safety Interlock Systems for Automatic Brake Applications that were adopted as an industry requirement by the Ontario Health and Safety Board.

–        Produced Manlift Designs compliant to CSA Requirements.

–        Designed customer compliant electrical systems to meet site specific requirements.

–        Developed Innovative Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electronic Engine Controls to improve performance and safety. 

–        Provided Strength of Materials Calculations for Frames, Suspension, Steering, Driveline and Braking Components.

–        Improved Serviceability of Vehicles by designing-in features such as Remote Engine Drains and Access Panels.

–        Designed vehicles to improve reliability and be easily assembled and maintained.



TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc.     Red Wing, Minnesota    November 2003 – June 2007


–        Mechanical and Electrical Safety Evaluator for a Nationally Registered Testing Laboratory.

–        Managed Global 3rd Party Quality and Compliance evaluation program for Semiconductor Production Equipment, including SEMI S2, S3, S6, S8, S14, S22; NFPA 30, 34, 70, 79,  318, UL requirements; and European Union CE requirements such as EN60204.

–        Responsible for the evaluation and qualification of systems for the Semiconductor, Agriculture, Heavy Industrial and Health industries.

–        Responsible for on-site evaluations involving travel throughout North America, Europe and Asia (60% or more travel).

–        Developed improved testing methods for chemical and ventilation evaluations and occupational exposure.

–        Provided complete open issues reports, and worked with customers to resolve non-conformance issues.

–        Responsible for time management during home-office, on-site, and extensive travel to complete projects.



Mozak Systems, Inc.     Red Wing, Minnesota    April 2001 – November 2003


–        Managed development of $2M (2002) projects for Semiconductor, Medical, Material Handling, Packaging and Manufacturing Industries.

–        Managed and implemented Quality Assurance Procedures for Engineering, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Sales, and Supplier Specifications.

–        Provided high-quality phone, web and on-site customer support in North America and Asia for Automated Semiconductor Systems.

–        Designed Process Improvements resulting in new business opportunities and annual customer scrap reduction of $10Million.

–        Performed Onsite Training, Equipment Service, Installation, and Optimization throughout North America and Asia.

–        Developed New Processes, Chemistries and Technologies allowing customers to achieve production yield improvements of 10%.

–        Established Worldwide Import/Export Procedures using Freight Forwarding under INCO terms.



AmClyde Engineered Products, Inc.    St. Paul, Minnesota    June 1999 – April 2001


–        Designed High-Pressure Industrial Hydraulic Systems for Heavy Industrial and Offshore Cranes, Hoists and Winches.

–        Developed Intricate Mechanical Mechanisms to allow Articulated Work Platforms to Self-Level as a Pipe-Laying Tower tilted throughout a 47-degree operating range.  Designed Linkage Geometry, performed Cylinder Strength, and Hydraulic Flow and pressure calculations. 

–        Produced Production Drawings for Gear Hobbing and Machining, Bearing Seats and Mounts, Band and Disc Brakes, Chain Drives and Mechanical Reduction Systems for High-Tension Winches and Hoists.

–        Provided Engineering Drawings and CNC Templates in DXF format to Mill, Flame or Laser cut plate and structural steel shapes.

–        Designed Self-Jigging high accuracy Weldments and Assemblies.

–        Worked on Hydraulics, Braking and Articulation Systems that allowed a 7000 Metric Ton Offshore Crane to break its own Guinness Book of World Record for the Largest Offshore Lift.



Miller Technology, Inc.    North Bay, Ontario    March 1996 – September 1997


–        Created Welded and Bolted Assemblies to improve Fit-Up and Production of Mining and Industrial Off-Road Equipment.

–        Developed Spring-Applied / Hydraulically Released Braking Systems to improve safety and certify vehicles for Underground Service.

–        Implemented Harness Assembly procedures to control production costs, and improve manufacturing consistency.

–        Developed tiered option packages to allow standard vehicle products to be quickly configured to customer orders and requirements, reducing scrap and rework. 

–        Developed a Plug-and-Play, Field-Installable, Backward Compatible Modular Electrical System with updated Options.  Installed the prototype kits on-site in half the budgeted time.

–        Implemented QA and Drafting Standards to meet Customer, CSA, ISO and SAE Requirements.  Standardized CAD Template and Block Library to reduce the drafting time for Electrical Drawings significantly.  Implemented customer feedback and Change Order system.





–        Proven Equivalency to a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering (TN-Status Work Visa Canada-US NAFTA).

–        WHIMIS, NORCAT Underground Orientation, Mine-site specific orientation, Sudbury, Ontario.

–        Associate Degree (2 Year)  in Mechanical Engineering, Canadore College, North Bay, Ontario.

–        Advanced Trauma Life Support / Emergency Services CPR, Anoka Technical College, Anoka, Minnesota.

–        Workplace Hazardous Materials for Emergency Responders, Anoka Technical College, Anoka, Minnesota.

–        Emergency Medical Technician (Basic), Rochester Technical College, Rochester, Minnesota.(Certification Expired)

–        Firefighter-1 and 2 (MN State-Certified), Anoka Technical College, Anoka, Minnesota.

–        Experienced Training Officer and High-Angle/Technical Rescue Team Leader for Fire Department, Emergency Medical and Search and Rescue Teams.





–        Excellent Employer, Co-Worker and Customer References are available upon request.



[ Engineering ]   [ Project Management ]   [ Quality Assurance ]   [ Advanced ]   [ Work History ]



Jeff Hunt

Title: Senior Engineer

Qualification: 2 Year Associate Degree / Bachelor Equivalent (NAFTA – Industrial Designer)

Home Phone:   +1-705-867-1050

Mobile Phone:   +1-705-562-6954

Home E-Mail:

St. Charles, Ontario Canada                                     [ CLICK for MS Word Resume ]      [ CLICK for Caliper Test Profile ]

Canadian Citizen – Qualify for TN Visa for US


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